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Dog Friends

Pets Policy

For our four legged friends...

We absolutely adore all animals, but dogs are definitely a favourite here! We look forward to welcoming many four legged friends, and we therefore ask that you please read and adhere to the following when bringing your dog on site;

We ONLY allow dogs at the Sea Forest Lodge (chalet). No dogs are permitted to stay in the Wild Rooms

All dogs (except assistance dogs) must be pre-booked and are not permitted in any building except your own accommodation.

The maximum amount of dogs per booking is two, and the flat fee per night is €20.

Payment can be made either during the initial booking, the personal online guide that is sent once a booking is confirmed, or via an emailed invoice. Payments must be made in full prior to the arrival date.

They must be kept on a lead at all times when outside your accommodation, and you must ensure they use the designated dog toilet areas. These areas are the carpark area and the land behind the Wild Rooms. Any dog waste must be collected and disposed of in waste bins provided. Failure to do so could result in a fine of €50.

We can provide dog bowls if requested in advance

We do not accept any dogs listed under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

You must ensure that:

* As a minimum, each dog has a current annual vaccination for distemper, canine hepatitis, leptospirosis and parvo virus; 

* Each dog is properly supervised, is not dangerous and does not cause a nuisance or threat to anyone; 

* When our staff need to visit your accommodation (eg. if you have requested a maintenance engineer) you take your dog(s) out while these visits take place and comply with any specific instructions provided to you.  If we, in our sole and reasonable discretion, consider your dog to be dangerous or to be causing a nuisance, harm or threat to anyone, or to be likely to do so, we may ask you to remove it from the village (without refund or compensation) or have it removed to kennels at your expense.

Please note that our resident guard dog Bodhi is not sociable with other animals. We do our best to ensure that we are aware of his whereabouts on the land, but we cannot monitor him at all times.

There is a €20 booking fee required per stay to bring up to a maximum of two dogs. This is available during the accommodation booking online and in the personal online guest guide that is emailed to you.

No other pets are permitted.

By bringing your dog onsite you accept the terms and conditions above and agree that we accept no liability for any unforeseen interactions with your pet and any other wild or domestic animals on or surrounding Tara Hill Estate, nor do we accept any liability for theft, loss, or injury to your pet.

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